From prototype parts processing to mass production

High quality prototype products
at low cost in a short lead-time

60 years of proven track record from the major automotive manufacturers

We have a proven track record of not only automotive products but other products from prototype to mass production.

press stamping, welding
No1 Short lead-time on press stamping parts and tooling fabrication

From tooling fabrication to press stamping, machining, welding, and ED painting, we have a coherent production system.

No2 Our strength is the vertical launch

We are fully equipped to meet the customer's demands in urgent needs and launches supported by our 24-hour working structure and precision tooling fabrication technology.

No3 Equipment and engineering capability that allows us to make suggestions for mass production from the prototype development stage.

We are proud of our equipment and engineering capability that satisfy mass production level required specifications and cost reduction strategies.
We review our products utilizing the Coordinate measuring machine, contracer, circularity measurement machine, and 3D graphic layout machine, which are kept in our temperature controlled lab. We also use multifaceted discipline by incorporating the design shape, test strength and FEM analysis.

No4 Can create prototypes from either 2D or 3D

Drawings are prepared from CAD data. This allows prototypes and production parts to be made without physical drawings.

No5 Accommodates variety of welding, roh welding, and surface treatment in-house

We have the capability to apply ED coating from small products to car doors and roofs.

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Keiaisha Prototype Fabrication Group provides prototypes and mass production parts for automobiles, construction machineries, industrial machineries, etc.
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Case studies of our engineering

Suggestion for the press plate shape

Material: SAPH440
Material thickness: 4.5 mm

CAE analysis on base parts

Inspect resonant frequency, auxiliary machine vibration, bracket emergence stress, etc. and compare with the results from the actual machine.

CAE analysis on base parts

Validate customer's criteria using CAE analysis and determine the suggested design shape.

Apply single body vibration endurance test

Apply 107 time resonant frequency and stress measurement, validate for the existence of cracks. This would allow to create an improved shape easily.

Adoption to mass production engines

The simulation study on 3D CAD make interference at assembly visible. The issue can be resolved beforehand to make smooth production launch possible.

Testing and layout equipment

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • 3D graphic image layout machine
  • Vibration testing machine, stress monitor
  • 10 ton fatigue testing machine