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Comparison in press tools and stamping processes

Category of Press Tools

Keiaisha provide a wide range of press stamping products based on the experience and trust we have earned in the automotive business.

Tandem die

・The monthly quantity is less than 1,000 pieces.
・The product is not suited for either progressive or transfer process.

Progressive die

・The monthly quantity exceeds 1,000 pieces and structurally capable.
・The shape of the product is not complex.

Transfer die

・The monthly quantity is high.
・The shape of the product is more complex.
・The product is not suited for the progressive press process.
Criteria for the determination of a press

Criteria for the determination of a press

  1. material (hardness and availability in coil)
  2. material thickness (press specs. and leveler feeder are also considered)
  3. monthly quantity
  4. shape
Process Progressive Transfer Tandem
Progressive Press Transfer Press Tandem Press
Automatic Processing Manual Processing
Production Quantity
more than 1,000 pcs./mo. mo. qty. is high less than1,000 pcs./mo.
Based on the monthly quantity, die structure is set to build either one out, two out, or a set out. Normally, sheet metals are used for this process, but if the weight of a coil is permissible, blanking is also available.
Speed fast med. slow
Cost low med. high
Adaptability to complex shape easily perform med. difficult
Material Usage Ratio low high med.
(if coil, similar to transfer)
Tooling cost med. high low

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Case studies of our engineering

Suggestion for the press plate shape

Material: SAPH440
Material thickness: 4.5 mm

CAE analysis on base parts

Inspect resonant frequency, auxiliary machine vibration, bracket emergence stress, etc. and compare with the results from the actual machine.

CAE analysis on base parts

Validate customer's criteria using CAE analysis and determine the suggested design shape.

Apply single body vibration endurance test

Apply 107 time resonant frequency and stress measurement, validate for the existence of cracks. This would allow to create an improved shape easily.

Adoption to mass production engines

The simulation study on 3D CAD make interference at assembly visible. The issue can be resolved beforehand to make smooth production launch possible.

Testing and layout equipment

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • 3D graphic image layout machine
  • Vibration testing machine, stress monitor
  • 10 ton fatigue testing machine