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Information about the Main Plant Equipement

Major Equipement List

Stamping Machine

Capacity(ton)NameEquipementManufacturerNumber owned
35Single C-clamp PressTDMAMADA1
55~80High FlexTDMAIDA5
100High FlexTDMAIDA2
110Crank LessTDMKOMATSU2
150High FlexTDMAIDA1
2004-point Press Crank LessTDMAIDA3
3002-point Link MotionTDMAIDA3
350Double CrankTDMAIDA1
4002-point Link MotionTDMAIDA1
500Four Crank Less PressTDMAIDA4
3003D TransferTRFAIDA1
5003D TransferTRFAIDA2
6003D TransferTRFAIDA2
*200High FlexPRGAIDA1
*250High PromasterPRGAIDA2
*5002-point Link MotionPRGAIDA1
*6002-point Link MotionPRGAIDA1

Resistance Welder

Capacity(KVA) Name Equipement Manufacturer Number owned
25~80 Spot Projection SW・PW Panasonic 81
90*2 Multi spot SW Toyo Engineering 3
100 Portable Spot SW Panasonic 5
110 Spot 8 special-purpose machine   KI 1
110 Portable Spot SW DENGENSHA 9
110 Trans   DAIDEN 3
125 Portable Spot SW DENGENSHA 7
130 Projection PW DENGENSHA 1
150 Spot SW MIYACHI 1
150 Projection PW NASTOA 1
150 Multi Spot SW NASTOA 1
150 ポータブルスポット SW DENGENSHA 5
165 Projection PW HITACHI 1
200 Projection PW DENGENSHA 3
300 Projection PW Panasonic 1
350 Projection PW NASTOA 1

Arc Welding Machine

Name Equipement Manufacturer Number owned
CO2 Automatic Welding Machine AW KI 4
Power CO2 (Hand) AW Panasonic 28

Robotic Equipement

Name Use Manufacturer Number owned
Handling, Robot Press FUJIKOSHI 1
Handling, Robot Assembly KAWASAKI 8
XY 2-axis Robot   Panasonic 4
XYZ 3-axis Robot   Panasonic 1
Robot Arc   DAIHEN 26
Robot Arc (BAR ASSY-CROSS)   Panasonic 15

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Keiaisha Prototype Fabrication Group provides prototypes and mass production parts for automobiles, construction machineries, industrial machineries, etc.
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Case studies of our engineering

Suggestion for the press plate shape

Material: SAPH440
Material thickness: 4.5 mm

CAE analysis on base parts

Inspect resonant frequency, auxiliary machine vibration, bracket emergence stress, etc. and compare with the results from the actual machine.

CAE analysis on base parts

Validate customer's criteria using CAE analysis and determine the suggested design shape.

Apply single body vibration endurance test

Apply 107 time resonant frequency and stress measurement, validate for the existence of cracks. This would allow to create an improved shape easily.

Adoption to mass production engines

The simulation study on 3D CAD make interference at assembly visible. The issue can be resolved beforehand to make smooth production launch possible.

Testing and layout equipment

  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • 3D graphic image layout machine
  • Vibration testing machine, stress monitor
  • 10 ton fatigue testing machine